1. Lifes eternal question


  2. Hi guys :)

    I’m raising money to study abroad in Ireland this summer. The program is awesome and let’s me take my high level classes for my major (biomedical engineering). Any amount helps and you will be my new bff and I will send you wonderful cat gifs.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Waiting for Welcome to New York on iTunes like


  4. thanksforsayingthat:

    me every time Taylor is online.


    my chill just goes out the window

    (via officialtaylornation)

  5. taylorswiftnoticed:


    When you find out Welcome To New York wasn’t supposed to be released yet 


    Taylor Liked on 10/20/14

    This gif though…

  6. taylorswift I’m not even out of the woods yet! How am I going to get to New York?!

  7. I haven’t been on tumblr for like 2 hours and Welcome to New York was accidentally released?!?! Ahh I wanna listen so bad but I’m gonna wait the extra 4 hours and 20 minutes because it seems Taylor was upset about it.